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Pick you own time


online and always available


Get exclusive, quick access to Project Ares and have a look inside the most advanced cyber ranges in the world. Check out the certification options, gather points and skillbadges while analyzing your own learning progression. Missions, Battle Rooms, Media Center and Games; it's all included.


Time & Location

Pick you own time

online and always available

About the event

Get quick access to Project Ares without a subscription and train in your own pace and time. We are ready to help you get the very best experience with Project Ares. Learn new skills, hone your tactict and practice on real systems in real time. The gamified environment is powered by AI that'll guide you and ensure you achieve all your learning objectives. Please allow one working day for player registration.

Subscribe option

Get a subscription and have Project Ares always available and ready when you are. A subscription ensures you stay up to date with next-generation learning that are constantly being updated with new, exciting and real-world challenges. Ask for a quote or get in touch for more information.


  • Explorer

    Explorer is our special exclusive offer that allows you to explore all parts of Project Ares without a subcription! Explore it for a long as you want, select number of days you want to play.

    € 99,00
  • one-week-pass

    Get a discounted one-week-pass with plenty of time to explore Project Ares. (save €43!)

    € 650,00


€ 0,00

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