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So you can be all you want to be, and learn all you want to learn about cyber security

Gamified learning powered by AI


Greatness comes at a price, and there's simply no ways around it: you have to practice, practice, practice.

If you're really good at something, how long does it take to get rusty? It might not even take a day, wouldn't you agree? That's why the pros keep hustling and train every single day, no matter what.  Come rain or snow, a daily round of training or two has become part of the everyday routine. Like with all training, even in cyber security, it's never too late to start!

Hit the button below to start training today and take advantage of an exclusive and time-limited deal to start training and learning cyber security.


Enter gamification, virtual machines, cyber ranges, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Combine all these ingredients, make it available to the world 24/7, and you have Project Ares  - by Circadence. Available as a subscription, Project Ares is an online training center for cyber security. Realistic Red team hacking missions, blue team defence exercises, tons of labs and games - it's all here. Available for only a limited period, you can get onboard Project Ares for as little as €99. Hit the button to learn more.

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